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06 Oct '14

A calming circle


“As a photographer I have my camera in my hand almost 24/7 and when it’s in my backpack I continue taking pictures with my iPhone. This shot I took on my way home, waiting always calms me, I just stare at the traffic lights until the train has passed by. This time it went a little different: I parked my bike and waited for the train to pass and then… instead of staring at it, I snapped my calming circle.” (Annika from Oost-Souburg, the Netherlands)

05 Oct '14

Sea life squares


“The pet store in my street is the perfect place to teach my two-year-old how to treat animals with respect. So far, I’ve taught him about turtles and birds. Today was sea life day, so we observed all the aquariums in the store. While my son was figuring out how to cuddle a fish, I quickly snapped the sea life squares.” (Don from Den Bosch, the Netherlands)

04 Oct '14



“Twice a month I travel from Berlin to Amsterdam for work. This cafe, Latei in the city centre, is always on my to-do list. The owners have good eye for great finds, so there is always something cool to look at while sipping a good cup of coffee. Because everything is for sale, I was thinking of buying the pink jumpsuit for my daughter, but before I could decide my eye got caught by the mirror. As a photographer I’m always looking out for good shots. Although I try not to work during breakfast and coffee moments, I couldn’t resist so many circles in a circle.” (Jens from Berlin, Germany).

03 Oct '14

A subtle circle


“I ride the subway every day and this is definitely one of those circles I’ve seen many times before, but never really payed attention to. The funny thing is, when I started hunting squares in other missions, I would only see circles everywhere, haha. Besides my daily work-commute hoops, I’m looking forward to hunt down some hoops and squares on holiday. I will be in Tokyo ad Taipei soon and cannot wait to capture some sushi squares.” (Lilly from NYC)

02 Oct '14

A clean circle


“On my way to have dinner with a friend, I cycled through a street that was barely lit. This empty and bright laundromat intrigued me. The clean-looking circles really stood out in the dark. Since my sister is kind of obsessed with hunting for circles, I got a little brainwashed too. Speaking of washing.. I thus hád to snap this one, before she would.” (Philippine from Amsterdam, the Netherlands)