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12 Oct '14

A messy round


“We had just finished eating spaghetti with the kids and in search for a nice circle I stood on the chair and got the shot. Often, our table looks pretty messy after dinner. I guess having two young kids will do that.” (Shay from Česky Těšín, Czech Republic)

11 Oct '14

A souvenir circle


“This is my magnet collection, I’ve more than 60 magnets from all over the world. The ceramic magnet in the middle I got in Iznik, Turkey. It represents a tulip, which was one of the most important figures of the Ottoman Culture. Being part of a globetrotter family I travel a lot and wherever I am, I buy a magnet. This way all those places are always a bit on my mind.” (Yaprak from Bursa, Turkey)

10 Oct '14

A Bushwick bubble


“To brighten up my walk from home to the train station I was looking for a bright colored shape to snap. As an extra challenge I wanted to catch it from far away. This graffiti hoop was perfect! It’s an artwork by an artist that goes by ”Windy Bride” and it’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a neighborhood famous for it’s murals and graffiti. So if anyone is in need of some arty shapes to complete a mission, this is the place to go!” (Caleb from Brooklyn, NYC)

09 Oct '14

A crowded circle


“I was drawn to this circle, because there is so much happening in this sign: a swimmer, someone fishing, the sewage overflow, the water and the rain coming down. It’s actually pretty funny, who would go swimming in a heavy rainstorm? The place where I spotted the circle is actually near my house, the Ship canal in Seattle. So maybe I should keep an eye on the water when it’s raining and see if I can spot some swimmers instead of circles…” (Eric from Seattle, Washington)

07 Oct '14

A global circle


“Some people collect things, others hoard. The difference is that collections always have some sort of clear criteria that mark the inclusion or exclusion of an object. With this atlas, it was more like a supply, since criteria seemed absent. I found it in a hotel – carrying the name Atlas – in Belgium. Here, the owners have been diligently filling every corner of the hotel with the iconic shape of a globe. I still see atlases everywhere.. Good thing is that my mind keeps traveling, that way.” (Gerard from Maastricht, the Netherlands)