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17 Oct '14

Fish eye


“Together with my parents I spent a belated summer holiday in Portugal. The first couple of days were great: endless beach ball games, sunburns and fantastic sunsets. Unfortunately the weather gods didn’t like us that much,so after a couple of days real autumn weather arrived. Rain rain rain. But hey, Portugal has much more to offer than sunny beaches, so we went on a little food hunt, trying local specialities in all the little villages around us. The food hunt automatically turned into a shape hunt, with this fish eye as the result.” (Daniel from Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

16 Oct '14

Dutch Design Week


Team Cucalu is getting ready for Dutch Design Week! Cucalu’s Barbara just made a very creative hoop. By screen-printing the hoop on our clothes, a shapehunt will never be far away! See you in Eindhoven?

15 Oct '14

Editor’s note: a traveling commute


Every week we post a little note from behind the scenes, written by one of our team members. This week, Barbara tells us about her traveling habits and our upcoming presentation at the Dutch Design Week.

Sometimes I wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve holidayed for over more than a week. Not to say I’m not going places. The contrary, due to my non-existent sense of navigation and innate curiosity, I almost never bike, walk or hike a track twice. I’m the ideal commuter. It may sound perfect: to be able to experience a well-known place differently all the time. There’s little need to spend time and money on holidays, because traveling is the default mode of my daily life. Bonus: it’s a cheap trip.

That doesn’t mean I cannot think of plenty of reasons to cross continents to immerse myself in totally different environments, though. My next holiday, however, is not going to be about squeezing as much vistas, people and experiences in a limited amount of time. It’s more about turning the trip into a commute.

From the 18th to the 26th of October, Daniel, Yuki and I will be work-holidaying from Eindhoven, because Cucalu is part of the Dutch Design Week, an annual design festival. And I’ll take some habits with me to find familiarity in a new place. I don’t think traveling gets better than when you’re living like a local. Cucalu in reverse.

Oh, of course. The photo. That’s Daniel’s, because he is holidaying his way in Portugal at the moment. If you’ve seen the Cucalu movie, you know he’s reliving his home-patterns, too.

Barbara, team Cucalu

14 Oct '14

Inception squares


“Those squares are shot in my atelier. They are part of a workshop I’m developing about new ways of looking. So of course, I couldn’t really continue without taking a Cucalu. Snapping material for a workshop about looking with an app that’s about looking too… It’s almost inception!” (Marja from Breda, The Netherlands)

13 Oct '14

A circlistic call


”I don’t know why, but I just really really love old phones. This is actually my own and I still use it chat with friends or family. Maybe, it’s the look and the special way of dialing phone numbers… It’s a very memorable thing, I would never throw this one away.” (Jan from Berlin, Germany)