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October 23, 2014

Design marathon


Every week we post a little note from behind the scenes, written by one of our team members. This week, Barbara tells about our experience at Dutch Design Week.

Starting a new habit is easy, sticking to one is a whole different ball game. The past days, we’ve introduced many, many visitors of Dutch Design Week to a potential change in daily behavior through playing Cucalu. In theory, any type of behavior can turn into a habit when it’s triggered by a cue and subsequently rewarded. Once you get the hang of Cucalu, you see circles (cues) everywhere. Also, the more interesting your photos, the more golden medals you receive (reward).

Fortunately, reality is more promising than theory. What we learn from talking to so many users this week, is how eager people are to step out of undesirable habits. Habits, such as being glued to your screen and overlooking your surroundings. If Cucalu can help to let go of deeply rooted patterns, it actually makes space. Not to be refilled with other unfavorable habits, of course. Instead, there’s room for creativity and play.

We’re making a Cucalu marathon these days. We couldn’t tell whether 10 days of Dutch Design Week would get us into the game even more (if that’s possible). Now we’re half-way, we can say wholeheartedly: the more you play, the more you want to play, the more you can play.

Maybe habit theory isn’t that bad, after all. We’ve got cues: thousands of curious visitors. And we’ve got rewards: thousands of Cucalu-enthusiasts. Who knows we’ll be running a triathlon next.

Barbara, team Cucalu

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