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We had to circle the globe to learn to appreciate our homeland, but for a one-way trip to the App Store, we promise similar results.
Cucalu gets its name from the Dutch word “koekeloeren,” which means “to look around.” Listen here to pronounce it in Dutch.
See those pulsing locks? Tap them to unlock your next mission(s). You can only unlock missions next to ones already unlocked. If the pop-up says you don’t have enough munts, you’re too eager. (We like that.) Do wait until others have praised your efforts.
FAQ Cucalu pulsing lock
Munts are Cucalu’s currency of creativity. When others praise your work, medals are your reward. Medals make munts. Munts are the key to unlock new missions. Yes, it gets tougher along the way.
In your mission gallery, tap and hold your finger on one photo. Swipe to the left bottom corner to watch your mission’s animation.
FAQ Cucalu playing movie
Click the sharing symbol that pops up in your mission overview after some progress. By clicking, you directly share it on Facebook. Now others can witness your renewed perspective.
FAQ Cucalu FB share
Obviously, you need extra time. You can earn extra time by spending munts. Or scroll down in the mission to reset it completely. We hope you think higher of your own work, though.
FAQ Cucalu reset mission
Never deny your heritage! But if you cannot bear it anymore, you can reshoot single photos in missions that are not time-bound. In your mission gallery, just tap, hold and press the upper left corner to reshoot. Practice makes perfect.
FAQ Cucalu reshoot
Is your complete gallery adorned with golden medals? We bet there’s still work to improve. If you’re eager to hit the finish line with a bit of a cheat, consider getting extra munts.
Cucalu shows you photos made by people close by and far away. The more you travel places yourself, the more fellow explorers get to enjoy your findings. If we like your work, we contact you directly to feature it on our blog with your permission.
A fellow explorer flagged your photo, because it is probably not a perfect circle, square or triangle. Or you’ve photographed something daylight cannot endure.
Go to Settings/Privacy/Location Services and switch these on for Cucalu.
Go to Settings/Notification Center and switch these on for Cucalu.
Cucalu is an idea of Daniel Disselkoen. He designed the graphics, user interface and user experience. Every single line of code is written bij Innovattic. Daniel, Barbara and intern Yuki run the daily operations and communications. So you know who you’re talking to.
Cucalu started as an art project in the country of iOS. Stay in touch about our exploration of the Android universe through our blog.