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Q: What does Cucalu mean?

A: Cucalu gets its name from the Dutch word “koekeloeren,” which means “to look around.”

Q: Where can I find the app?

A: The mobile app is still in development, but will soon be available on the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store and elsewhere

Q: Is there a premium version of the app?

A: No, there will be no premium version of the app. Instead, all the app's features will be free for all users

Q: How do I level up my account?

A: You can increase your level through the number of upvotes on the shared promotions placed on Cucalu. Upvotes are given for details given about local promotions on both products and services.
The more active you are in contributing to the community, the more likely you'll get promoted to the next level. Each level is increasingly difficult to achieve, though community leaders can help you achieve best practices.
Everyone starts at levels 1, automatically moving up to level due to the work on the site. Levels 9 and 10 are handpicked by the Cucalu community as brand ambassadors.

Q: Is Cucalu app safe to use?

A: Cucalu is committed to protecting all accounts and the entire community to ensure that all are safe.
There is a privacy policy and cookies policy that explain data practices, so users are clear about what Cucalu collects and how that is protected. Security processes and protections are regularly checked and updated.

Q: Who are behind Cucalu?

A: Cucalu has been set up by John Howlett, Lauren Francis and Sam Ensfield, three internet entrepreneurs in their own right that came together via a network of leading digital and technology entrepreneurs in the US.

Q: How do I turn on the notifications for a category?

A: Go to the promotion category and you will see a bell button. Click on this and notifications will be enabled.

Q: What are the online/land-based promotions categories?

There are a number of promotion categories. For land-based promotions these include shopping promotions for large and small businesses locally and online businesses globally;
nightlife promotions for pubs, clubs, casinos and other entertainment hubs;
sport/exercise promotions for fitness centers, sports shops and more;
health promotions, including spa studios, health stores, etc. and tech promotions, from different stores.
The categories for online promotions will be shopping promos, including eBay; online courses; games and leisure, to include online bingo and casino sites as well as game stores and of course, online tech stores.

Q: Does Cucalu track my location?

A: Cucalu deals with location, so in order to work, Cucalu needs to know your location. Therefore, when you open and use/interact with the Cucalu app on your mobile device, we use the location information from your mobile device to tailor the Cucalu experience to your current location.
This information is NOT shared with others.

Q: Why is my promotion code not working?

A: Some deals are not eligible for promo codes, including gift-card details or any deal directing to a third-party site to complete the order.
Also note that promo codes are valid only during the time specified by the promotion and cannot be applied retroactively. Some codes are for select subscribers only and most cannot be combined with other sales or promotions.

Q: Can I track the package I am waiting for?

A: Yes. On Cucalu, find your order and select “track package” for updates for delivery. For orders with multiple items, some parts of your order may take longer to ship than others if they are being shipped from different locations.

Q: Can I return goods to Cucalu?

A: Cucalu’s return policy varies based on the particular product. However, you can return most Cucalu products for a refund within 30 days of receiving them. Refunds will be processed within one or two business days after receipt of the returned goods and will be posted back to your statement within 10 business days.
Please note that items marked "Final Sale" cannot be returned unless defective and neigher are the original shipping charges refundable unless the returned item is defective.

Q: How do I get ticketed events information?

A: Browse the Things to Do page for events that interest you. The deals page will contain available showtimes and seating options, as well as a seating chart if one is available.
You can see what is included in the price, such as parking or any processing fees. Also included under additional tabs are all the information you need about the deal.
You are then issued with a ticket or with a voucher that can be redeemed at the box office. Some vouchers will be redeemable only on a specific date, while others offer more flexibility and can be exchanged any time within a range of dates.