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26 Nov '14

Circles of Antwerp


“Recently, I was invited to explore the creativity and craftsmanship of the city of Antwerp. A small team guided me and a handful of creative entrepreneurs from across Europe along Antwerp’s hottest galleries and hidden alleys, breweries and coffee roasters, ateliers and nightclubs. This was actually the first photo I took, arriving at the station. And the commute to this beauty is under 2 hours! Up to you to find out what time I left my home..” (Robin from Amsterdam)

11 Nov '14

Designy dot


“What you see here, is the graphic design studio where I work. The books are part of a collection of books the studio has designed. You also see our little “plant nursery”, which I’m in charge of caring for. At this point, it’s indeed kind of limited to a single glass jar.” (Lilly from NYC)

22 Oct '14

A selfie circle


“This is a selfie I took on our boat. We are currently stationed in Tanger, Morocco, where we dredge the harbor. Every 6 weeks I get 6 weeks off, but the places I work at are always kind of exotic so sometimes work feels tiny bit like holiday too.” (Pieter from Hindeloopen, The Netherlands)

17 Oct '14

Fish eye


“Together with my parents I spent a belated summer holiday in Portugal. The first couple of days were great: endless beach ball games, sunburns and fantastic sunsets. Unfortunately the weather gods didn’t like us that much,so after a couple of days real autumn weather arrived. Rain rain rain. But hey, Portugal has much more to offer than sunny beaches, so we went on a little food hunt, trying local specialities in all the little villages around us. The food hunt automatically turned into a shape hunt, with this fish eye as the result.” (Daniel from Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

13 Oct '14

A circlistic call


”I don’t know why, but I just really really love old phones. This is actually my own and I still use it chat with friends or family. Maybe, it’s the look and the special way of dialing phone numbers… It’s a very memorable thing, I would never throw this one away.” (Jan from Berlin, Germany)